The Friends of Northampton Racecourse

Your park in the heart of Northampton

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The Executive



The Friends of Northampton Racecourse (FoNR) began in 1990 but became dormant until it reformed in June 2004 as a result of residents concerns about community safety issues and a genuine desire to see The Racecourse respected, invested in and used far more by the people of Northampton.

This process had been supported by the working group established in October 2003 bringing together the Borough Council (Park Managers) and the Police to oversee plans to improve and develop The Racecourse.

in 2017 we have been more active, adding daffodils to 10 areas around the park and holding regular litter picks.


The Friends are currently not a charity, but a smaller local group with a constitution & a management committee. We hold regular meetings which allow us to take issues from the Park and the general public, and find solutions through working with the council and other groups, including the university.

We wiork constantly with the Borough and County Councils on differentl initiatives around the Racecourse

Engaging with local councillors, the Police and officers from the Borough Council to work together to create a better and safer environment for The Racecourse.




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